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You've got their eyes 👀 They're ready to listen🎧

We infuse your brand's vibe into custom music, a valuable addition to your digital assets

You’re an influencer, so be influential — Rise to the forefront of the coming wave, where influencers become music producers.

Book publishers are making influencers authors

Phone screen.png



Phone screen.png
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 5.23.57 PM.png



Next will be record labels making influencers musicians

You’re giving money away every time you upload a video with someone else’s music. 

Music Value by


Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 7.36.24 PM.png


1M streams = $4K

$0.0025 to $0.004 per stream


1,000,000 uses of your track would

bring in about $30,000


1M views = $8K

$0.005-$0.008 per stream


82% of rev to creator
3K sales of 4-track E.P. for $10K
12K single track sales for $10K​

Apple Music

1M streams = $10K

$0.01 per stream


10K views = $30K/month


Music Platforms

Content Platforms



1M = $30

FB: $.00003 per stream


1 million views, you would earn about 30 cents


1 Mill streams = $4K

Paid subscribers? 
You're primed for music industry success:

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 3.39.42 PM.png

✅ Your audience becomes the first customers for your music, while new music customers become subscribers 
✅ Consistent profits to invest in adding music to boost online revenue streams 

✅ Since your brand is profitable in your niche, imagine your income potential with music's mass market reach

Don't be your biggest fan’s,
biggest secret!!! 




Make sure you’re getting
the most slices of the content pie
you’re serving.

Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand

Transform into a music producer and amplify your influence, income, and credibility

You're already successfully marketing your brand. 

Don't wait for a major label
to sign you 

You get consistent original tracks released to call your own.

We have the expertise to translate your brand into music.

With Butt Hertz you become your own label and we take care of the Music production and rights administration.

Access to the best production teams for industry leading audio production quality 

We take care of everything. Including getting you your royalties.

The metrics and insights you'll want to optimize your music earnings   


Music value continues to grow

Pay for songs once, earn forever 📈

✅ Continue collecting passive income even after your subscription.

Consistent music  production investment yields exponential music revenue potential 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 3.48.45 PM.png

🍑 Subscribers are literally SUBS if you tell them to BUY your music, they WILL! 🤑


Myths about the Music Industry 

"I don't have the skills, talent or equipment I need" 
As a co-producer you can work with teams of professionals to realize your sound.

❎ "Success in the music industry is beyond my control. " 
Consistent output leads to consistent returns.

❎ "If I don’t do all the work I can't call it my own"   
Its okay to work with professionals it's still yours and you can be proud.

 "I need to be extremely talented, get lucky, have tons of money or go viral" 
Be authentic, track metrics and adjust promotions accordingly to grow steadily.

 "Can't make money on music" 
✅ The music global market is projected to double from 2023-2030 to 131 BILLION. Theres never been so many listeners, music platforms and streaming devices. 

🎲 Music industry old way→Roll The Dice

➗ Butt Hertz new way→Solve the Equation


✅ In the car 
✅ At the gym 
✅ In bed
✅ Parties
✅ Shopping 

Places your audience can take you with them when you have music: 

Let fans bring you to the bedroom in a new way!

🔗 Subscribe to a new era of music production, where influencers become recording artists and redefine success!

New Audio Producer Category

"We've had musicians, then recording artists, and now we have Music Content Creators."

- Founders 

Who's eligible?
Are you ....

Do you already have an active audience?

Music minded?
Is music a part of your brand already? Do you curate music into your content?

Do you have two years of sales data from monetizing your online brand?

Interested in profiting from your content vault as a long term passive income stream?

Intention to sustain and grow online content business for the next 3 to 5 years?


Do you pride yourself on being ahead of the curve? 

Engagement Maven?
Are you looking for new types of content to keep your audience engaged and growing?

🚀 Elevate Your Influence with Our Exclusive Music Production Subscription! 🎵✨

🎤 Daily, a popular adult creator's musical silence disappoints fans, while a skilled musician, unnoticed, sheds unheard tears.💦🎶💔

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