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Butt Hertz is the Light Twerkerz collective’s new music label, launching in 2021 based in so-called Vancouver, Canada on unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Wauthauth people in the Cascadian bioregion of the Pacific Northwest.  


Building on momentum from 8 years of hosting twerkshops throughout B.C and 2 years of curating the monthly LiT MiX series of booty music DJ sets, Butt Hertz provides an outlet for original audiovisual productions from the crew’s network of local and global creators.


As with the LiT MIXes, Butt Hertz is designed by co-curators Crystel Clear & Rich Nines to be genre-fluid while grounded solidly in booty-shaking dance music and visual media. Expect all bpms and tempo, cross-pollinating between niches of hybrid bass music and dance culture.


Check out our first release this summer! 

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First release BHZ 001


Where my Freaky Bitches at!?


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Blondtron is the performance persona of Samantha Mathews. Sam is an artist, creator and entrepreneur who spent more than a decade producing music and performing all over the world as the booty-moving dance party robot Blondtron. 

During her music career, the fiercely independent Blondtron became synonymous with a kind of liberated and unselfconscious self expression that drew fans to her like a magnet. Her outsized personality and community-first approach made her an indispensable member of the dance music scene in North America for many years.


In 2014 she founded Venn Agency Inc now called LOCI. and embarked on a new chapter in her life as an innovator and inventor focused on building systems that help us stay human in our increasingly digital world. AmplifyHer played a critical role in this evolution by providing space to tell Blondtron’s story in a new way, allowing Sam to detangle her real world self from the bot and lovingly upload Blondtron to cyberspace.

Today, Blondtron is alive and well in the metaverse. Not simply an archive of the past, Blondtron is the prototype of a new kind of personal avatar, the persona bot. Persona bots represent the future of how we’ll represent ourselves online and give voice to the multiple facets of our identity. Sam believes that, instead of resolving our multitudes into one single reflection in the mirror—or social media profile—we need to embrace all the parts of ourselves in order to feel whole. Blondtron, now living in her metaverse music lab, is a testament to the possibilities of virtual embodiment of self. Plus, she’s ready and waiting to lead all our persona bots onto the most bangin’ virtual dance floor the metaverse has ever seen.

After an extended tech industry hiatus from her music production, light Twerkerz is excited to be releasing this first Blondtron single in five years from our longtime friend and collaborator, as our first butt hertz release alongside remixes.

Blondtron’s original single WMFBA is a versatile dancefloor-destroying club DJ tool at 70/140 bpm. It’s also a great summer hijinx rally cry for you and your Besties.

This banger is loaded with two huge half time bass drops, bridged by double-time breaks and vocal loops. The repeated lyrics “bounce ass” and “come on” directly call for booty shaking, which is hard to resist. And descending synth lines with laughter-like bubbling bleeps encourage getting low to the floor where the massive bass will be felt most fully. 

Mix with: Club, Dance, House, brakes, dubstep, base, Twerk, trap, bounce.

Instagram @Blondtron3000

Twitter @Samloci

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Remixes by


Freaky Bitches - Cover Illustration - Apollo (1).png
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Joel Jasper - Vancouver based instrumentalist, producer, and creative mind also known as 0770dV pronounced APOLLO. Finding inspiration in mythology, exploring new realms and a desire to share energy and passion through his art. Genre bending electronic music that touches the celestial and ethereal. From production to design to events, APOLLO’s talent touches all aspects of being part of the modern electronic scene. 

Apollo’s WMFBA remix takes the track on a wavey summer remix trip with lush sustained synth pads, lighthearted skittering percussion and pitch-bending flourishes. His treatment keeps the original’s bassy bounce and swagger at 140 beats-per-minute while blissing it out enough to work as a breezy afternoon or intoxicating afterparty selection that  glows up the moment. Mix with: Club, Breaks, Tropical, Wave, Bass, House.

Instagram @apollosparadise

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Nick Bike

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Our next remix of blondtron‘s WMFBA comes from dj nick bike of Vancouver, Canada who has been DJ'ing for about 12 years and released dozens of our favourite rnb/hip hop club edits. A much respected DJ and prolific producer, he won Vancouver Red Bull 3Style '13/'15 and has been invited to Jazzy Jeff's Playlist Retreat twice.

He has been making edits and remixes for close to 10 years. From Questlove to Jazzy Jeff to Four Color Zack, it's possible your favourite DJ could have a few in their Serato.

Nick Bike’s remix of WMFBA is a fast and funky romp at 140 beats-per-minute, with a bouncing oom-pa bassline and infectious momentum from jacking on-beat claps and off-beat snares. Clocking in at 5 minutes with several intricate percussion and synth builds, bass drops and breakdowns this track is a versatile joy to mix while maintaining peak-time momentum in a set, or as a high-energy party-starter. Mix with: Club Dance, House, Techno, Funky. 

Link in bio to hear the track premiere and pre-save before the release on July 29!


Freaky Bitches - Cover Illustration - Funkanomics (1).png
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Juwee, FxFarmer and Bobby Kudlicz: the three headz from the south of Germany, who launched the project Funkanomics in late 2006, have since then been touring extensively in the club scene. They have taken their beat contoured live experience and mixed it with their own funked up style in their productions. A sound that is designed for the dance floor and made up of beautiful crunchy bass lines, coupled with pumping grooves. A merger that works and once it starts can´t be stopped. In their sets the "Funkos" impressed by presenting their sound on four turntables plus a very own live set including breakbeat with influences from hiphop, funk, dope beats, reggae and electronica. They go against the grain of conventional djing so smoothly, that you only have to listen to it once and its inside your head. As a result the crowd is instantly whipped to a frenzy with an imaginative and more approach to dance not confined to one genre. Now The Funkanomics is a one Man Boysgroup. Being a true music lover, and a complete obsessive, as a DJ/selectorFxFarmer (FUNKANOMICS) has opened minds around the world to music that wouldn’t otherwise get heard. With his Crew and also just by himself FxFarmer(FUNKANOMICS) played the whole planet, from India to Canada and from Australia back to Europe! He is the Prototype of a DJ and loves his job!

For Funkanomics’ WMFBA remix he’s sped up the original to 150 beats-per-minute for his WMFBA remix, delivering an absolute stomper of a hybrid club track fusing elements of house, breaks, dubstep and footwork. There’s electro vox, fuzzed out bass, beach party meets warehouse percussion, and even funky saxophone. This remix is very serious at not taking itself too seriously, which makes it party-rocking DJ gold for high-energy big fun moments. Mix with: Dubstep, Bass, Footwork, Club, Breaks.

Instagram @real_funkanomics

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