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LiT MIX 026 :: EZ.Naive

Lit Mix 026 - EzNaive-bw.png

Renowned illustrator EZ.Naive reminds us with her LiT MiX 026 that she is also a wicked DJ! With a knack for juxtaposing jacking industrial club sounds with organic hip-twisting instrumentation and soulful vocals, her up-tempo selections here span a decade of 130-bpm dancefloor destroyers in the post-dubstep meta-rave realms of hybrid global techno-bass, 2-step garage & breaks.

We are so honoured after a year of drawing Light Twerkerz LiT MiX covers, EZ.Naive has stepped up to join our series of selectors in recording her first DJ set in years, all without skipping a beat. And as such a prolific portrait artist of others, she has now passed the baton, ermmm, stylus and tablet to our new illustrator Sadé's Studio who has drawn her in a stunning power pose.

Originally from Greece and now living in Vancouver, EZ.Naive is a passionate advocate for social justice and the environment, mental health, body autonomy and freedom of expression. Follow her socials and support her gorgeous art and fierce politics, and get ready to sweat to EZ.Naive's LiT Mix!


🔥 Light Twerkerz: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣 EZ.NAIVE: Light Twerkerz is a fun collective promoting body positivity through dance.



🔥 Light Twerkerz: How did you first discover twerking?:

📣 EZ.NAIVE: As a kid growing up in Greece I was always super influenced by

 American culture, movies and dance. I would secretly stay up watching the X-rated videos on MTV. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer?:

📣 EZ.NAIVE: More traditional drumming really gets me going. Honestly the first part of me that dances is always my butt. It comes naturally. In Greece we have tsifteteli. Tsifteteli is a mix of Balkan music and Middle Eastern music in my opinion. So the hip shaking butt shaking is my first instinct. I remember going to an industrial goth club in Athens in my late teens/early twenties and I was almost belly dancing to the music. A stranger came up to me and told me I need to dance more mechanically to it. Haha! I didn’t listen.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣 EZ.NAIVE: My sets unlike this one have always been kind of slow jam vibes. So I am hoping in the future I can see more butt-tastic activities. Honestly just seeing people feeling free and happy is the most butt-tastic though.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have a favorite booty type? Kindly explain…

📣 EZ.NAIVE: All butts are good butts.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What kind of butt do you have?

📣 EZ.NAIVE: I have a butt that loves to jiggle.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 EZ.NAIVE: I think the feeling of acceptance we get at the right dance floor is so needed. I think one of the greatest things we can do as a collective is celebrate life, find joy and pleasure so we can bring that energy to everything we do in our lives. We need joy, and to have real confidence in ourselves today, I think with all

the troubles of the world, that release is important. In a society that profits from our insecurities, self love is a rebellious act (can’t remember who that is quote is from), and sometimes the dance floor gives us that little push to remember that.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how would you describe it to them?

📣 EZ.NAIVE: I made something to get sweaty to... I hope people can close their eyes and imagine the dance floor that awaits them with all their friends. You know all the energy build up from not attending a dance floor for the past year and a half? This is the mix to fantasize about the future big party to come. 🍑


  1. Mercurio— JIMMY EDGAR [Ultramajic, 2013]

  2. Getting Me Down— BLAWAN [Self-Released, 2011]

  3. Beroving— BREACH [!K7 Records, 2013]

  4. Weekend— BIOME [Kaizen 2017]

  5. Ode to Pleiades (PHOTAY remix)— CLAP!CLAP! [Black Acre: Once Around the Sun, 2018]

  6. Gqarmagqoma— NEKI [Long​-​Haul, 2019]

  7. Goddess Calling— OCTO OCTA [T4T LUV NRG, 2021]

  8. Realize— SYNKRO [Apollo, 2019]

  9. Whip— ADEN [Ultramajic, 2014]

  10. By Your Side— WILL SAUL [AUS, 2018]

  11. Full Moon In Scorpio (feat DJ PLEAD)— AHADADREAM [More Time, 2019]

  12. Please Slow down– DJ SEINFELD [Young Ethics, 2019]

  13. Stepper— ANZ [Hessle Audio, 2020]

  14. The Cobra's Dance (feat. LURU)— TSVI [Nervous Horizon, 2018]

  15. Toques (feat. DKVPZ)— PEDRO [Enchufada, 2020]

  16. Hackney Parrot (SPECIAL REQUEST VIP)— TESSELA [Soul Music, 2013]

  17. Ill Bent— FALTYDL [Blueberry Records, 2019]

  18. Echo—DEBBA [Circular Jaw, 2019]

  19. Baby— CHAVINSKI [Lobster Theremin, 2020]

  20. Saku (feat. CLARA LA SAN)— BICEP [Ninja Tune 2021]

  21. Alien Mode— PEARSON SOUND [Hessle Audio, 2020]

  22. Potcha Vee— BLAWAN [Hessle Audio, 2011]

  23. Malala— KHALAB [Self-released, 2015]

  24. Chemz— BURIAL [Hyperdub, 2021]

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