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Let the world know with this manifesto of a mix Pacha Papa is on a mission to manifest Global Booty Freedom!


Our beloved Peruvian-Canadian Neo-Shipibo tribal trap producer has been a Light Twerkerz homie since day 0 at Da Web studio in Vancouver, DJ at countless twerkshops and full moon parties from festivals to house parties, city to forest. 


Now he's delivered this feast of flavours from dancehall to reggaeton to cumbia and afrobeat and west coast bass and trap... full of familiar hits, obscure gems and original productions.


So dig into this hot buffet served nasty with respect from Mexico City, where Pacha Papa is currently concocting magic to unleash upon his return to Cascadia for this summer's festival season. It's always a good time to get seriously silly with Pacha Papa, enjoy responsibly!



🔥Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣Pacha Papa: Met them at their beginning. Blessed to have its founder, Crystel Clear as a bestie n homie for life.


🔥LT:  How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣PP: OG Supporter.


🔥LT: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣PP: Babes empowering everyone to be their own babe aka body positivity .


🔥LT:  If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how would you describe Light Twerkerz to them?

📣PP: Issa no bullshit move ya booty kinda ting… n I want u to twerk with me.


🔥LT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣PP: Jamming out at the legendary home “Da Web” n seeing my friends bruk out randomly.


🔥LT: Have you ever had a “twerkthrough” experience? (booty movement-related mind-body epiphany) If yes, please describe your first and/or most recent such realization:

📣PP: Knew that ass was real when I hit, it bounce back.


🔥LT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣PP: Honestly… old ppl twerking hard af.


🔥LT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣PP: Global Booty Freedom.


🔥LT: What kind of butt do you have?

📣PP: Bubble butt just like my dad.


🔥LT: Do you have a favourite booty type?

📣PP: 🍑.


🔥LT: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣PP: Zero tolerance for creeps… generally feeling safe to shake it.


🔥LT: What's your favorite booty music to DJ?

📣PP: Bassy shit + reggaeton.


🔥LT: What inspires your to move your butt as a dancer?

📣PP: Bass, Tambourines n Grime vocals.

🔥LT: Can you share an example of initially judging someone for being too free or not free enough in the way they move their body

while dancing, and then seeing them in a new light?

📣PP: I didn’t quite get dancehall as a producer / music enthusiast until I witnessed a whole dance floor in unison... i remember the moment it hit me, new found respect.


🔥LT: Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) that we should list/link you with when promoting this mix?

📣PP: Da Web Crew, Tribe Records.



  1. African Man — STAGGA feat. MAGUGU [Fat Fridge, 2017]

  2. R U ? — PACHA PAPA [Pacha Papa, Tribe, 2019]

  3. Ohhh — BOATS [2015]

  4. Stay Safe — TMG [2018]

  5. Can’t Fuck With Me — TONE BONE feat. E-40 [Heavy on the Grind Entertainment, 2014]

  6. Slow Down — DJ SNAKE x YELLOW CLAW x SPANKER [Mad Decent, 2013]

  7. Hot — FULL CRATE & THE PARTYSQUAD feat. NICK & NAVI [Mad Decent, 2017]

  8. Real Bad Gal — DRE SKULL feat. VYBZ KARTEL [Mixpak, 2018]

  9. Let Me Blow Ya Mind — DR. DRE & SCOTT STORCH feat. EVE & GWEN STEFANI (TMH Moombahton Bootleg) [2015]

  10. Jedi Shake (body mix) — BEATFARMER [2018]

  11. Dot$ — ESTA [2013]

  12. Do Sum’n — KONSHENS [Subkonshus Music/VPAL, 2012]

  13. Sushu — Zalem Delarbre (SOOHAN Remix) [2016]

  14. BB Boi — MINA [2017]


  16. MIA — MAMBO KINGZ & DJ LUIAN feat. BAD BUNNY & DRAKE [Rimas, 2018]

  17. Nuestro Planeta — THE RUDE BOYZ feat. KALI UCHIS & REYKON [Rinse, Virgin, Universal, 2017]

  18. Wish You Would — MYKKI BLANCO feat. PRINCESS NOKIA [Uno NYC, 2014]

  19. Paramedic! — DJ DAHI, SOUNWAVE, CUBEATS & KENDRICK LAMAR feat. SOB & RBE [Top Dawg, Aftermath, Interscope, 2018]

  20. Lemon — N.E.R.D & RIHANNA (DRAKE Remix) [I am OTHER, Columbia, 2017]

  21. We Got Some — MORILLO & SOOHAN [Gravitas, 2018]

  22. Rompompom — SHIFTEE feat. MAGUGU [Alma Mater, 2017]

  23. Pe No Pescoço — GAIA BEAT & SAM BLANS [Salto Sounds, 2017]

  24. Nice For What (Instrumental) — MURDA BEATZ, BLAQNMILD, 40, COREY LITWIN feat. DRAKE [Cash Money, Republic, Young Money, 2018]

  25. Sweet — KIKO MERLEY, HEMNANI, MANWA feat. BROCKHAMPTON [Question Everything, Empire, 2017]

  26. Akira (flip) — GREAT DANE [2015]

  27. Work 4 Me — PHOELIX feat. JEAN DEAUX & KARI FAUX [Jean Deaux, Empire, 2018]

  28. La Cura — Cero39 [2018]

  29. Safari — J. Balvin feat. Pharrell Williams, BIA & Sky [Capitol Latin, Universal, 2016]

  30. GRAPE LIFE — PACHA PAPA [Pacha Papa, Tribe, 2019]

  31. Work — BOI-1DA, PHARRELL, 40 feat. RIHANNA & DRAKE (DMANACONTROL Remix) [2019]

  32. Egyptic — ??

  33. REDMERCEDES — AMINE [CLBN, Republic, 2017]

  34. Mi Gente — WILLY WILLIAM feat. J. BALVIN [Capitol Latin, Universal, Infinity Music, 2018]

  35. Mo Fiya! — UMOJA  [Mawimbi, 2015]

  36. Sandungueo — MUNCHI [Mad Decent, 2012]

  37. Papi Chulo… Te Traigo El Mmmm — RODNEY S. CLARK DONALDS feat. LORNA [Metropol Music, 2003]

  38. Overthrow — NOÏTHINGNESS [2013]

  39. Kitana — LOW PROS feat. PRINCESS NOKIA [Rough Trade Records, 2017]

  40. Get Ur Freak On — MISSY ELLIOTT (DOCTOR JEEP) [Booty Bakery, 2012]

  41. Goooo — TNGHT [Warp Records, Luckyme, 2012]

  42. Diamond Mouth — TA-KU [HW&W Recordings, 2013]

  43. Camo — CLAP! CLAP! [Black Acre, 2015]

  44. One Hump Final — AZTEK  [2013]


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