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LiT MIX 008 :: J.F.KILLAH 


Turn up from staycay to slaycay with J.F.Killah’s LiT MIX!

This long-time west coast selecta reps DNBGirls and SHAH DJs, and is half of DJ/production duo Levrige along with partner Erski. So far in 2020 they've released tracks on Deviant Audio and The Dreamers Recordings, and a DJ mix via The Footwork-Jungle.


J.F.Killah always catches our attention with her multi-genre solo DJing, bouncing through all bpms. Her set at Pastel Party in East Van at The Rattle early in 2019 was so bumpin’, after we dismounted from straddling the speakers we knew we had to ask her to record a LiT MIX. Lucky us her answer was this 40-track trip through dancehall and booty bass, baile funk and footwork-jungle… buckle up!



🔥Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣J.F.Killah: Through mutual friends. Pretty sure the first time I met Crystel Clear was when I was camped next to her at Bass Coast Festival. I met Emalaine and Gilli Vanilli shooting a music video for our Levrige tune Lemmy CU and was thrilled to have them on board. And many of the others I’ve met on various dance floors. 

🔥LiT: How would you describe your connection with the crew?

📣J.F.Killah: There is a lot of interconnection through the West Coast festival/party scene and we are definitely connected through it. When I see them at parties I can’t help but wanna get on the dance floor and shake it! Rich Nines and Lola Loops are in the studio space next door to me, and that’s how this mix came about! Shouts for liking the sounds coming through the wall :)

🔥LiT: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣J.F.Killah: Charismatic sexy energetic babes who inspire others to get down and express themselves on the dance floor.

🔥LiT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣J.F.Killah: To be honest I can't remember. I do know that when I first heard of it I thought it was just shaking your ass but now I think about it more as a state of just letting loose on the dance floor. The presence of the Light Twerkerz has definitely helped me to embrace my inner twerk.

🔥LiT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣J.F.Killah: A huge standout moment was during my set at Diversity Festival last summer when a taco limbo went down! There was a limbo plank with tacos and dancers who limboed were served tacos. Huge shouts to Syd Woodward for bringing me tacos on stage during my last tune. 

🔥LiT: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣J.F.Killah: Being able to express yourself without judgement. Also practicing consent and sticking together to ensure others are as well. Be observant to the reactions of those around you. They might be up for sharing a dance/grind or they might not. Body language says a lot!

🔥LiT: What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer?

📣J.F.Killah: The style of music and other dancers on the dance floor both play a huge role. Sometimes I’ll feel pretty chill and just be standing around but then a certain tune will come on and I can’t help but shaking it. Hard to narrow it down to a specific sub-genre as it def depends on my mood, but bassy gangsta vibes seem to do the trick. Also if there’s a bunch of other babes shaking it to dope music it’s hard not to wanna join in!

🔥LiT: What kind of a butt do you have?

📣J.F.Killah: Oh man… It’s not huge but it sticks out. It’s pretty firm but it’s def got some jiggle to it as well. 

🔥LiT: Do you have a favourite booty type?

📣J.F.Killah: It’s gotta have some meat to it. I love a clear defined line between the cheek and the thigh, nicely rounded with some jiggle to it.

🔥LiT: Any body-image related wisdom to share?

📣J.F.Killah: Embrace your inner booty! A smile for embracing your own beauty regardless of what you were born with. I think it’s important to realize no one is perfect and not feel like there’s a need to change your physical appearance to be beautiful. We are all beautiful in our own ways and if you are happy on the inside it will shine through regardless of your physical flaws because we all have ‘em!

🔥LiT: What was your asspiration for this mix?

📣J.F.Killah: I just tried to curate tunes that I could imagine shaking my booty to on the dance floor. I find in general if I’m into the music I’m playing it’s pretty easy to get the dance floor into it to! 



  1. Back Shat— RICHIE LOOP, JERRIH [Flex-Up Records, 2019]

  2. Fun!— VINCE STAPLES [UMG, 2018]

  3. Boss Mackin’ (feat. A-1)— FALCONS [Fool’s Gold, 2015]

  4. Bird Machine— DJ SNAKE feat. ALESIA [Mad Decent, 2013]

  5. Thvg– KIDMAKINGBEATS [Defco, 2014]

  6. Bang Bang— CANDYLX [Moscowland, 2019]

  7. Pop It (extended)— CHARLOTTE DEVANY x NOIZE PARADE [Karma London, 2014]

  8. Come On To Me (CHIEFS bootleg)— MAJOR LAZER [Self-released, 2014]

  9. Sit Down— HOODCELEBRITYY prod. JWHITEDIDIT [DatPiff, 2017]

  10. God— SINJIN HAWKE, ZORA JONES [Planet Mu, 2018]

  11. Bodypaint (FLORENTINO remix)— KID ANTOINE [Her Records, 2016]

  12. Panda Pon— MC FIOTI, TOPO LA MASKARA [Vidisco, 2019]

  13. 3AM (feat. AJ TRACEY & JAE STEPHENS)— BAAUER [LuckyMe, 2018]

  14. #caribbean— AGENT LEXIE, SYMBIZ [Soulforce, 2014]

  15. Shade— IAMDDB [Union IV, 2017]

  16. Money (TROYBOI remix)— LEAF [Fool’s Gold, 2016]

  17. Oscillate— LUX GROOVE & MARK STARR [Anabatic, 2014]

  18. In the Corner (feat. STUSH)— TRU FONIX [Punks, 2017]

  19. Bam Bam feat. TT THE ARTIST (KKING KONG)— D-DOTS [Alma Mater, 2017] 

  20. Venga feat. AGENT LEXIE— Symbiz [SoulForce, 2015]

  21. C C C— JUAN BEUKEBOOM [Self-Released, 2018]

  22. Bumbum Granada— MCs ZAAC E JERRY [KondZilla, 2016]

  23. Vai Dar Problema (DJay W)— MC Lozin [GR6 Explode, 2019]

  24. Bad Gyal Flex— LEIKELI47 [Hardcover, 2018]

  25. Vai Puta Vai Puta, Desce Com A Porra Da Bunda (DJCASSULA)— MC 7BELO e MC KITINHO [GR6, 2018]

  26. Chatterbox (KREED remix)— KREED, TOM SPIRALS, SAMSON SOUNDS [Boom Sound, 2019]

  27. Tamagotchi— DUCKWRTH [Republic, 2018]

  28. Gaza (Drama) (DUB PHIZIX remix)— CHIMPO & TRIGGA [Stripes, 2012]

  29. Sex Talk - Megan Thee Stallion [Certified Ent / 300 Entertainment, 2019]

  30. Multi Millionaire (feat. LIL UZI VERT)—LIL PUMP [Warner, 2018]

  31. Flame (feat. STUSH)— FALCONS [Fool’s Gold, 2015]

  32. Peace & Dub (feat. MC FATS & BUGGSY)— DIE & BREAK [Digital Soundboy, 2012]

  33. lonelyfuckingsamurai— MR. CARMACK [Just Good Music, 2014]

  34. Moves (SONIS bootleg)— BIG SEAN [Getting Out Our Dreams, 2017]

  35. dat azzzzz— CESRV [BEATWISE, 2017]

  36. Club Manic— SLICK SHOOTA [Self-Released, 2019]

  37. B 2the B— ITOA [Bad Taste, 2017]

  38. Baka Flip— NIKES x LOS [Self-Released, 2019]

  39. Juicy— DOJA CAT, TYGA [Kemosabe, 2018]


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