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We’re thrilled for our third LiT MIX to present boss gyal selecta Mandai!


Based between Vancouver and Sunshine Coast, she is legendary around the Pacific Northwest for gracing and slaying dancefloors with her smooth mixing of vocal tracks from dancehall and hip hop into deeper bass music rhythms.


She’s a festival favourite from Oregon Eclipse, Bass Coast, and The Field; regularly rocks big rooms with her Lighta! Crew mates and coaxes intimate late night vibes at her fave east van studio party spot The Rattle. We’re always hyped when she gets on the decks alongside Tank Gyal at our TwerkShops, and stoked to feature her own unique style in this fine-crafted exclusive set with Light Twerkerz, bless up!



🔥LiT: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣 M: I met the Light Twerkerz I believe at Bass Coast 2012 when i was playing a set with my girl Tank Gyal and all of a sudden these dancers showed up and took over inna bossgyal style.


🔥 LiT: How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣 M: We definitely connect over our love for music, particularly dancehall. When I first started playing dancehall I felt like it was still rather an underground genre within the scene, with the exception of a small sub-group that had a long history with the music. These ladies seemed to be just as passionate about it as I was, and we've always had fun together because of it.


🔥 LiT: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣 M: My parents have been to Burning Man several times. They probably twerked there, they would totally get it.


🔥 LiT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 M: I first discovered twerking in Jamaica since they've been doing it there since time immeasurable. Everywhere you go, people are twerking— even at picnics on the beach!


🔥 LiT: Have you ever had a “twerkthrough” experience? (booty movement-related mind-body epiphany) If yes, please describe your first and/or most recent such realization:

📣 M: I would say one of my most memorable experiences was Shambhala 2004 or so when Jacob Cino was playing at the Living Room during the day and I wanted to get my ass as close to the bass as possible so I was literally dancing by the bass bin and kept on edging closer until my ass was literally in the bin. Jamie (Tusk) was watching me and died laughing. I can't say I was the most skilled dancer but my heart (and butt) were really in it. 


🔥 LiT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣 M: Last year when I went to Jackson Hole Wyoming to play a show, I didn't expect people to really know what dancehall was since I was in a little ski town in the mountains, right? Wrong. Out of nowhere this posse of Jamaican women showed up and were losing it over the tunes I was selecting and were BRUKKING OUT on the dance floor like nothing I've ever seen (outside of Jamaica). 


🔥 LiT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣 M: For this mix I just did what came natural and tuned into that vibe and those riddims that keep you moving, and since I've been branching out from playing just dancehall, I love the other music that can make you get down and dirty. Rap is sometimes even more evocative to me.


🔥 LiT: What kind of butt do you have?

📣 M: I've got kind of a bubble-but and as one of my old school bro's said one time, "for a white girl, you got BACK".


🔥 LiT: Do you have a favorite booty type? Kindly explain…

📣 M: The bigger, the better. Way more to work with!


🔥 LiT: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 M: A booty-positive dancefloor to me would mean people who aren't afraid to just let loose and be themselves and let the music move them. If I'm playing to such an audience I can see them letting the music move all kinds of body parts, different limbs in the air, different body parts hitting the floor.... booties are just a part of it but it's the whole body that gets into it. 


🔥 LiT: What's your favorite booty music to DJ?

📣 M: Dancehall, of course. 


🔥 LiT: What inspires your to move your butt as a dancer?

📣 M: When I dance, I'll move my butt if the bass feels right. That particular part of the music literally corresponds to that part of my body.


🔥 LiT: Can you share an example of initially judging someone for being too free or not free enough in the way they move their body while dancing, and then seeing them in a new light?

📣 M: I'm not sure if I've judged someone for dancing, because I know that people have different ways of expressing themselves and a different relationship to the music. Even if someone seems held back, you don't know how the music is touching them, so I just want people to be free when they're dancing even if it means just standing feeling the music.


🔥 LiT: Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) that we should list/link you with when promoting this mix?

📣 M: Lighta! Sound. Bass Coast. The Rattle. @mandai on IG



1. Bam Bam — MAT THE ALIEN & MAGUGU [??]

2. One Love Chinchilla Riddim — SAM BINGA feat. FOX [Critical Music, 2018]

3. Ting A Ling Remix — LOST CITY, SHABBA RANKS [Liondub International, 2014]

4. Coca Cola Shape — Lost City, Simpleton [Liondub International, 2014]

5. Party Hard — SELECTA J-MAN, JUNIOR DANGEROUS (RUKUS remix) [Born on Road, 2018]

6. Warrior Ting — LOST CITY [Liondub International, 2014]

7. Printa — RUMBLE feat. SUKU WARD [Liondub International, 2018]

8. Bubble — TOSH ALEXANDER ft. MISS KITTY [Bruk Out Records, 2018]

9. Boom It Off Remix — VYBZ KARTEL ft. LIL SANCHEA [Vybz Kartel Muzik, 2019]

10. Dutty Foot Bwoy — I-OCTANE [Musical Masquerade, 2018]

11. Cement — TIFA [Musical Masquerade, 2018]

12. Wha' You Feel Like — SANTIGOLD prod. by DRE SKULL [Mixpak, 2018]

13. Romantic Mood — SPICE [Spice Official Entertainment, 2018]

14. Pon Mi — SHENSEEA [Dunwell Production, 2018]

15. Sidung — KRANIUM prod. by SUPA DUPA / SAK PASE / STEPHEN MCGREGOR [Atlantic, 2018]

16. Laugh Offa Dem — STACIOUS [Boysie Records, 2019]

17. Advertisement — PAMPUTAE [Boysie Records, 2019]

18. Give Her Some Money — MALIBU MIITCH prod. by Lee On The Beats & Hitmaka [Atlantic, 2018]

19. No Bleedin — VINCE STAPLES feat. KAMAIYAH prod. by KENNY BEATS [Def Jam, 2018]

20. Twerk (DAN SOLO EDIT) — CITY GIRLS feat. CARDI B prod. By MR. NOVA, RICO LOVE [Quality Control/Motown/Capitol, 2019]

21. Countin' Up — RICO NASTY prod. By KENNY BEATS [Atlantic, 2018]

22. Bamboo — P-LO [P-Lo, Empire 2018]

23. Chun Li (edit) — NICKI MINAJ prod. by J. Reid, Nicki Minaj [Young Money/Cash Money 2018]

24. Senseless — STEFFLON DON Stefflon Don prod by Rymez [54 London/Quality Control Music, 2018]

25. Girls Have Fun — TYGA ft. G-EAZY, RICH THE KID prod. by DJ SNAKE [Last Kings Music/Empire, 2019]

26. FUN! — VINCE STAPLES prod. By HAGLER/KENNY BEATS Hagler/Kenny Beats [Def Jam, 2018]

27. Girls Dem Suga — BEANIE MAN (DJ ELEMENTZ Remix) prod. by THE NEPTUNES [Virgin, 2000]

28. Man Pon Lock — KESHAN [Sweet Music/Smurf Records/Channel 17 Records, 2018]

29. One Drop x Darkas Riddim — QQ vs SO SHIFTY [Mixpak, 2013]

30. We Nah Fear Dem — VINCZ LEE & RIGA feat. WARD 21 [Hemp Higher Productions, 2018]

31. Magazine — EPIC B feat. KIYANO prod. By EPIC B [Self-released, 2018]

32. Hard Drive — KONSHENS, SHENSEEA prod by RVSSIAN [Head Concussion, 2018]

33. Touch Down (Remix) — STYLO G, NICKI MINAJ, VYBZ KARTEL prod. By THE FANATIX [3 Beat, Young Money, 2018]

34. Boasty — WILEY, STEFFLON DON, SEAN PAUL feat. IDRIS ELBA prod. By TODDLA T, MUCKY [BMG Rights Management, 2019]

35. Hot — PARTYSQUAD, FULL CRATE feat. NIKI & NAVI (FLORENTINO Remix) prod. by PARTYSQUAD [Mad Decent, 2018]

36. What A Bam Bam — AMARA LA NEGRA [Groovy Baby, 2018]

37. Dancehall Party — LEFTSIDE prod. By MR. CHI & CRICKETZ [Flex Up, 2018] 

38. Whine — EPIC B [Mixpak, 2016]

39. Tiguere — JSTJR feat. JENN MOREL [Insomniac Records, 2018]

40. Real Spenders — BUSY SIGNAL (DEEJAY THEORY Remix) prod. By STEVE LOCKE [Truckback Records/Turf Music, 2011]

41. Boom and Bend Over — J CAPRI prod. by RVSSIAN [Head Concussion Records, 2014]

42. Bruk Out — AIDONIA prod. by ZJ CHROME [Di Genius Records, 2014]

43. Onizuka — DINAMARCA [Staycore, 2018]

44. Tight Up — NADIA ROSE feat. RED RAT [Ministry of Sound/Sony 2016]

45. My Girl (Remix) — CHIP feat. STEFFLON DON, ALKALINE, RED RAT prod. by THE FANATIX [Cash Motto, 2018]

46. Kumbara — JENN MOREL [Aftercluv Dancelab, 2018]

47. Function — JAZZ CARTIER feat. BLK LT$, prod. by GRAVEZ, JAZZ CARTIER [Universal Music, 2018]


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